“Anyone can put paint on a canvas, but only a true master can bring the painting to life.”


My journey towards art : - My journey began as I was taken by hand to a friend’s place, just to have a chat by the neighbouring granny called “Mataji”. I could be around 4-5 years old; I would sit and watch, hear them talk for hours and eventually to meditate, I would go to sleep. And there was silence now…no disturbances.

This is how it began…Audio and Visual Dialogues and gestures and emotions and two distinct forms in front of me. This is my area, my forte, same thing takes place even Now with me…multiple times in a day…at studio, church, in the train, bus, everywhere. Sub-consciously all these audio-visual forms keep coming and takes their places. These forms talk in silence inside me to see what’s happening outside and how they relate to. These forms overlap each other, and I love the transparency.. I want to go beyond!

“Once you have a blank canvas in front of your eyes you can think about how you paint it.”

My Inspirations

The audio-visual dialogues, two distinct forms, people or figures, relation between the forms, my inquisitiveness, and everything I observe in the world around me.

My Techniques

1) A great technique to add dimension and texture paintings, drybrush-which can be mostly used to paint landscapes. It’s also a useful technique to add highlights and dimensions to the paintings. Before, starting fresh painting, I just try the paint on another surface to check if I have the right quantity of paint to create fine lines.

2) The acrylic wash technique, this is my favourite technique which provides transparency to the painting and makes it feel like a watercolour painting. To accomplish the washing well without compromising the pigment, I use the flow aid medium technique.

3)Stippling: - Done with stiff brushes to create painting in the form of dots.

4) Acrylic pouring: - Using different pouring mediums alongwith the paints, to create an artistic look.

5)Splattering: - This technique helps me create abstract masterpieces.

“Little by little, brushstrokes spell out my story on canvas.”