The Art of
Joe D'souza

“ Life is a canvas. It’s upto you what colours you choose to paint this canvas of life into a beautiful Masterpiece. 

When words fail me, I imagine myself as an artist expressing all my worries, dreams and ambitions, hopes, fears, dreams through paint on canvas but the end result would just be chaos, an explosion of color, an endless knot of lines, incomprehensible designs because chaos is what’s in my mind." 

I am a creator of ideas, swimming in a sparkling sea of imagination A magician of sorts, turning thoughts of wonderment into pieces of originality Each creation showcases my own personal journey My worries, dreams and ambitions, everything I LOVE and everything I FEAR All that I was yesterday and all that I’ll be tomorrow is neatly contained in my glorious creations When you glance over my work, you are catching a glimpse of my soul for a part of ME is in each piece
I create

I march to my heat and wildly dance to my own rhythm Passion runs through my veins, as emotions are fuel to my craft. Certain pieces I protect and keep to myself, while Other’s I’ll share with the world I am a creative beacon shining my light brightly for all the universe to see I am all these things and more relied into one amazingly, talented, and unique ARTIST!

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Events & Programs

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Venue: Residency in Lonavala (National Artist’s Camp)

Venue: Exhibition at Jehangir Art Gallery (Solo Show)

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The purpose of a portrait is to keep someone’s memory for the future. It can be done with references like photography, painting, sculpture or an individual sitting in front, or any other medium of reference. 

Through these types of painting generes, I connect with the world around me by making them (symbolic, representational, expressive, figurative, impressive, depicting emotions, photographic). 

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